Tour Naples & Pompeii

Naples & Pompeii

The Naples and Pompeii tour will start visiting Vesuvius at a height of about 1000 meters, from here you can admire the wonderful Gulf of Naples, known as one of the most fascinating tourist places in Italy, thanks to the variety of cities and towns that are here located. Then, if you wish, you will leave the car to continue the walk up to the crater. The excursion will continue towards Pompeii where you can admire the city buried during the eruption of 79 AD brought to light by the archaeological excavations of the 18th century to today.

In the Naples and Pompeii tour you will be picked up directly from your hotel at the scheduled time to visit the following stages:

  1. Visit Vesuvius.
  2. Pompeii tour.
  3. Lunch in Naples at a typical restaurant.
  4. Tour of the major monuments of Naples.

In the evening you will be driven back to your hotel. The total duration of the tour will be around 10 hours

What see


It is an eccentric crater formed following the progressive stagnation of viscous lava around the emission center. Also noteworthy are the bird’s eye views of the Gulf of Castellammare, as well as on the island of Capri, both perceptible as soon as they reached the c.d. Matrone Road from the municipalities of Trecase and Boscotrecase. After having climbed the aforesaid Matrone Road for a long stretch and subsequently flanked the Gran Cono, it returns down into the Inferno Valley until it reaches the inner slopes of Monte Somma. Here it is possible to admire a particular geological formation, different from the rocks that surround it, formed following the intrusion of magma within fractures of the ancient volcanic building. This type of formation called “dicco” culminates, in this specific case, with a soaring natural arch placed on the upper vertex of the rocky layer. The deep lava crevasse is also impressive, visible immediately after reaching the wide natural balcony that allows you to look out over the plain of the Sarno river.


Here life stopped suddenly on August 24th 79 AD under a blanket of fiery lapilli, slag and ash, up to 7 meters high. What disappeared was a center of secular life, of which the original nucleus can be recognized today, the fractures and communities that contributed to giving it form. A high lava platform dominates the mouth of the Sarno river, which once flowed closer, as in ancient times the coast was further back. A site, from every point of view, of strategic importance, as a point of passage of roads of regional importance and port for the hinterland centers. Pompeii was born by fusion of agricultural centers that, at the end of the VII a.C. they occupied that very platform so favorable to trade and commerce. At the beginning of the following century the most ancient monuments were built (the Doric Temple, for example) and the city passed under the Greek, Etruscan and then Samnite hegemony. Pompeii today, lives of a splendor that remains unchanged over the years, and that has allowed it to be counted among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Pizzeria Regina Margherita

In the different years of my activity I have had the opportunity to try to eat in various restaurants and trattorias in various cities, in Naples I recommend the REGINA MARGHERITA PIZZERIA. This I am presenting to you is simply exceptional! Combine the excellent quality of food served at great prices !!! But with the difference that here you really eat a typical Neapolitan cuisine! Freshly prepared.


After lunch we continue for a panoramic tour of Naples, a beautiful city and main port of the Mediterranean: its location, the variety of its appearance and the cultural and religious traditions make this city irresistibly fascinating. You can admire the exteriors of Palazzo Reale, now home to the National Library, the exteriors of Castel del Nuovo known as Maschio Angioino, the exterior of Castel dell’Ovo and the promenade from which you can admire a beautiful panorama, the Teatro San Carlo, piazza del Plebiscito located in the heart of the city where you can taste excellent coffee and cakes in the adjacent bar. Return in the evening.